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CLASSES BASED ON YOUR NEEDS We adjust the level of our classes to the level of your students' knowledge

Cardiomatics Academy is a project run by our Clinical Team and aimed at universities around the world. Its main goal is to familiarize students with the latest technological solutions in cardiology based on artificial intelligence.

We provide materials that will allow you to conduct an interesting lesson on the use of artificial intelligence in cardiology.

Involve your group of students in problem-based learning – the best experiential learning method. Classes are scheduled for an hour and a half, but this can be tailored to your needs.

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Get free access to Cardiomatics Cloud

Familiarize your students with the latest technological solutions in cardiology. Let them use Cardiomatics and find out how it can improve the work of a future doctor.

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Upgrade your class

Get free access to Cardiomatics Cloud for educational purposes. This can be extended to scientific applications.

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You are not alone

Let our clinical and support teams handle all technical activities and support you through the process for free.

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We understand your needs 94% clinicians say they need to have a better understanding of digital health. Are you one of them? Join Cardiomatics Academy. Download the proposed Agenda of Classes.
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