Cardiomatics Reward Program

Refer a friend to Cardiomatics and they’ll enjoy a free month of Cardiomatics Pro while we donate to the World Heart Federation in your name. If they sign up for a minimum 12-month subscription, you both receive rewards. Join now to share the benefits of Cardiomatics and support heart health globally!

Introducing Cardiomatics v5: the world’s 1st MDR Certification for AI-based ECG interpretation

Introducing Cardiomatics v5: the world’s first AI-based ECG interpretation software certified under the Medical Device Regulation (MDR). With new features like AV block detection, fast-track analysis, and a revamped layout, Cardiomatics v5 empowers medical professionals with accurate and efficient ECG analysis. Join over 1,000 users and 200 clinics in experiencing streamlined workflow options and insightful reports. Request a free trial today to explore the potential of AI in ECG interpretation and enhance patient care.

Cardiomatics raises $3.2 million in seed funding

Cameras and ECG machines share a similar trajectory of evolution from bulky, complex devices to compact, accessible tools. Just as mobile phones revolutionized photography, handheld ECG devices are becoming more ubiquitous, offering convenience and quality previously unavailable. AI and cloud technologies are poised to streamline data processing and analysis in both fields, bridging the gap between increasing data volume and limited expertise in healthcare.

Paving the way for better ECG analysis in children

Cardiomatics and the Medical University of Warsaw are collaborating to develop Cardiomatics Junior, an innovative tool for automatic assessment of ECG signals in children. By utilizing AI-based algorithms, this project aims to revolutionize paediatric cardiology diagnostics, potentially reducing analysis time to 5 minutes and improving accessibility to Holter monitor testing for young patients. Supported by the National Centre for Research and Development, this groundbreaking initiative will benefit physicians, Holter monitor manufacturers, and clinical trial implementers, ultimately enhancing diagnosis and treatment of paediatric heart conditions.

Give AI a Try

Cardiomatics navigates the challenge of evaluating its AI algorithm’s performance against physicians or competitors by encouraging customers to implement and compare results with existing processes. Traditional methods rely on outdated databases and concerns about protecting intellectual property, highlighting the complexity of assessing AI efficacy. Overall, the effectiveness of AI algorithms depends on various factors and contexts, making direct comparisons challenging.