Cardiomatics’ AI-powered ECG analysis allows you to provide comprehensive diagnostics for more patients

  • Analyse more long-term ECG signals while reducing your daily workload

  • Gain more time for clinical decision-making and treatment of your patients

  • Enjoy unrestricted access to your ECG reports

Leading cardiologists and practitioners across the globe have successfully implemented Cardiomatics’ AI-powered platform

Ulrich Ingold

MG, Kardiologie Interlaken, CH

With Cardiomatics, interpretation is now fast and reliable.

Cody Cichowitz

MD, Well Cornell Medicine, United States

Cardiomatics allows our team to receive a reliable report with just a few simple steps.

Benefit from comprehensive analysis reports in our interactive and easy to use Cardiomatics ECG web app

  • Comprehensive set of anomalies

  • Easy to read reports

  • Intuitive web application

Take your ECG workflow to the next level with our state-of-the-art AI-based ECG interpretation platform

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Cardiomatics & Interlaken case study

Check how Interlaken realized 80% time savings for cardiologist with the help of Cardiomatics' AI-powered ECG analysis

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