Grow your cardiology service line with automated ECG analysis

  • Improve patient care with faster and consistent arrhythmia diagnosis

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  • Get access to the latest technology without upfront investment, nor need for more staff

Leading services are streamlining their operations with Cardiomatics’ AI

Are you experiencing these business challenges?

  • Medical staff shortage

  • Hight cost pressure

  • Increasing patient demand

Dr. Fadi Jamal

Founder and cardiologist at CardioParc, France

Within a few months, Cardiomatics AI has become a valuable support in the daily work of our medical teams.

An intuitive and easy-to-use tool, it allows you to significantly speed up the analysis of ECG signal, and saves a lot of medical time.

Benefit from comprehensive analysis reports in our interactive and easy to use Cardiomatics ECG web app

  • Comprehensive set of anomalies

  • Easy to read reports

  • Streamlined workflow

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Cardiomatics & CardioParc case study

Check how CardioParc improved the quality of diagnosis in cardiology and reduced waiting time for ECG results with the help of AI-based ECG analysis Cardiomatics.

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