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Our comprehensive platform turns a sea of ECG data into meaningful insights for direct use in your diagnosis

Ingests raw ECG signals from Holters, ECG patch devices and other devices

Modern cloud-based platform accessed seamlessly via web application

State-of-the-art AI-based algorithms trained on Cardiomatics extensive dataset of real-world ECGs

Digitize your diagnostic cardiology service line with Cardiomatics’ comprehensive platform

Don’t stay stuck with legacy ECG analysis software, step into the 21st century with Cardiomatics

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Deep neural network algorithms (AI) represent a fundamental breakthrough compared to legacy rules-based detection

Rules based-algorithms Deep neural networks (AI)
Parameters 10s to 100s 1.000.000s to
Feature detection 1st & 2nd order multiple hidden feature layers
Robustness Poor
Requires new rule for each situation
Can generalize from real-world data

Ulrich Ingold, MD

Kardiologie Interlaken-Unterseen, Switzerland

Conventional algorithms result in many false episodes being flagged and are not capable of learning

Cardiomatics’ modern cloud-based platform is device-independent, allowing you to de-bottleneck your workflow

Compatible with ECG recordings of 40+ Holters, ECG Patches and other ECG devices models

Get deployed immediately with zero on-site installation and no technical knowledge needed

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