Health IT + medtech innovation journalist and communication consultant, working national + internationally out of Berlin/Germany.

Cardiology Resident in the 1st Department of Cardiology, Medical University of Warsaw.
Among his scope of interest are arrhythmology and cardiac pacing, heart failure treatment, and artificial intelligence technology in Medicine.

Medical data analyst, educated in biomedical and management engineering. Quality Assurance is her area of expertise.

Entrepreneur with a strong technical and academic background. CEO of Cardiomatics - a leading AI company for cardiac professionals. Rafał is the author and co-author of peer-reviewed research articles in the field of digital signal processing. He has a PhD and MSc in Electronics from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow.

I am machine-learning practitioner with 10+ years experience in biomedical engineering applications. I'm responsible for the machine-learning lifecycle of the product. My everyday activities include data science, data engineering, algorithms design, conducting experiments, inference, automatic analysis of ECG signal and AI development strategy. I am leader of machine learning team at Cardiomatics.

Freelance journalist and correspondent for digital health-related topics. I'm the founder of and editor-in-chief of ICT&Health International and OSOZ News, an author of and 500+ articles and health-IT reports, content writer, and influential voice on social media. I mentor startups and guides healthcare organizations aiming to develop digital strategies.

I'm a Proffesor at the 1st Department of Cardiology, Medical University of Warsaw. Graduated from Medicne (MD), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Business and Marketing in Medicine (BA). I'm mostyly interested in Cardiac Electrophysiology, mHealth and telemedicine. A founder and board member of Heart Team LLC, Board member of the Committee of Informatics and Telemedicine of the Polish Society of Cardiology, Founder of the Polish Working Group of Telemedicine, consultant and reviewer for European Commision on HORIZON 2020 projects.