Supported Devices

See if your device works with Cardiomatics by checking the list below. Devices are ordered alphabetically (A-Z) by manufacturer name.

Last update: 2021-05-14

Manufacturer Model Resources
Amedtec Amedtec ECGpro EP800
Aspel Aspekt 703 v201
auxil science auxilECG Video (EN/DE)
Biomedical Instruments BI9800TL
Bittium Faros180
BORSAM ECG Patch Holter
Contec Medical TLC9803
Cortrium Cortrium C3+ Video 1 (EN)
Video 2 (EN)
Video 1 (DE)
Video 2 (DE)
GETEMED SEER1000 Manual (EN)
Transfer tool
Video (EN)
CM3000 Manual (EN)
Transfer tool
CM4000 Manual (EN)
Transfer tool
Jotatec Menhir 48SD
Medea SiliconBeat 3 Manual (PL)
SiliconBeat 2000 (RCH4,RCH5) Manual (PL)
SiliconBeat 12 Blue Manual (PL)
Savvy Savvy
SOMNOmedics SOMNOtouch Manual (EN)
NIBP Manual (EN)
Spacelabs Healthcare Lifecard CF Manual (EN)
Aria Manual (EN)
Evo Manual (EN)
Lifecard 12 Manual (EN)
TZ medical Trident 30