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The 3 biggest challenges in analyzing ECG signals – see if you are also struggling with them. (Part 3).

Holter ECG analysis available anytime and anywhere, in just 4 clicks. Is it possible?  In this series of articles, we have already revealed two major challenges that cardiologists are struggling with in their daily practice. These are the inaccuracy and the time-consuming nature of manual Holter ECG analysis. Now it’s time to uncover the last […]

The 3 biggest challenges in analyzing ECG signals – see if you are also struggling with them. (Part 2).

How to analyze more ECG signals and have more free time. The incidence of cardiovascular disease is growing rapidly. According to WHO, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. What’s more, an increasing shortage of resources – physicians, as well as nurses – is escalating the vast backlog of cardiac care. As we […]

The 3 biggest challenges in analyzing Holter ECG signals – see if you are also struggling with them. (Part 1).

An increasing workload, stress, and a huge feeling of responsibility for patients’ lives. Sound familiar? Manual ECG analysis is a traditional and widely used method for Holter ECG examination. The results of such analysis mainly depend on the knowledge, skills, and vigilance of the doctor carrying it out. However, cardiologists and other healthcare professionals are […]

The backlog of heart care in the UK – how AI algorithms can reduce queues for cardiologists?

Modern cardiology is currently facing many challenges. According to WHO, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. Therefore, it is crucial to provide better diagnostics and treatment to cardiac patients. One country that is currently struggling to reduce the number of patients with heart diseases is the United Kingdom. What are the obstacles […]

Artificial intelligence and cardiology

Technology provides us with more and more possibilities in many areas of life, including medicine. One of the largest areas of development in the IT industry is artificial intelligence. What is its application in health care? It is no longer just a future dream, but a new reality for clinicians and patients who can already […]

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