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The impact of artificial intelligence on today’s mainstream clinical practice

Accurate diagnosis, improved workflow, better patient outcomes, and reduced administrative burden on physicians—medical-grade algorithms in cardiology are demonstrating promising results. AI-based ECG analysis enables doctors and healthcare managers to address various priority objectives. Precision is only a tiny part of the story. Searching for abnormalities in the components of ECG signals is the bread and […]

Hospitals are redesigning workflows in cardiology but the real shift requires trust in AI

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the strengths and weaknesses of today’s healthcare systems. With the knowledge that human resources, time, accuracy and coordination are essential for effective care, how can we improve standards of care in cardiology? New tools to fix what is not working The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted shortages of healthcare workers, bottlenecks […]

Fast and safe: cloud-based analysis of ECG long-term monitoring

Transformation in Medicine For Cardiomatics CEO Rafał Samborski, healthcare is going through a major transformation: “We live in times of a paradigm change. The trend leads away from examinations on-premise, heading towards decision and process support based on cloud systems. This is happening in medicine just as it is reshaping finance and logistics. – We […]

The Cardiologist And AI

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about how medicine, patients and doctors can profit from Artificial Intelligence. In fact, AI is already supporting clinicians and citizens. Certified algorithms compliant with cardiological guidelines have gained the trust of doctors, supporting their daily work. One of these algorithms helps in ECG analysis. The following interview […]

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