Bartosz Cholewa Avatar Bartosz Cholewa
Bartosz is a Junior Medical Data Analyst at Cardiomatics. He specializes in the field of ECG signal analysis, which allows him to use the knowledge and skills he gained in Biomedical Engineering, obtained at AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow. His involvement contributes to our mission of improving healthcare worldwide.
Data overload in cardiology
How does low quality signal affect ECG analysis and practical tips to reduce it

Maintaining high-quality ECG signals is crucial for accurate diagnosis and monitoring of heart conditions. Factors like electrode placement, patient movement, and external interference can impact signal quality, leading to misinterpretation and false results. Proper electrode placement, patient education, and advanced ECG analysis tools, including AI-powered solutions like Cardiomatics, are essential for improving signal quality and ensuring reliable diagnosis. Advanced technologies such as adaptive digital filters and AI algorithms further enhance signal quality by reducing noise and artifacts.