Katarzyna Barczewska Avatar Katarzyna Barczewska
I am machine-learning practitioner with 10+ years experience in biomedical engineering applications. I'm responsible for the machine-learning lifecycle of the product. My everyday activities include data science, data engineering, algorithms design, conducting experiments, inference, automatic analysis of ECG signal and AI development strategy. I am leader of machine learning team at Cardiomatics.
Demystifying Algorithms

Kasia Barczewska, Head of Research and Development at Cardiomatics, provides insights into algorithms, AI, and machine learning. Algorithms are likened to recipes for problem-solving, while AI is described as the ability of computers to learn and make decisions based on statistical modeling. Barczewska discusses the transformative potential of algorithms in medicine, emphasizing their role in facilitating diagnosis, shortening wait times, and augmenting medical expertise.