Nikola Fajkis - Zajączkowska Avatar Nikola Fajkis - Zajączkowska
Clinical project manager with analytical thinking skills and an action-oriented mindset, experienced in conducting international studies (USA, Switzerland, Germany, Croatia, Poland), working closely with Scientific Advisory Boards and KOLs formed by world-class scientists. Researcher involved in generating scientific evidence with experience in pharmaceuticals, MedTech, Competitive Intelligence, and Health Economics. PharmD in drug discovery and development, postgraduate degree in Conducting and Monitoring Clinical Trials and Managing Innovative Projects, MBA student. Co-author of 14 scientific research articles with a total impact factor of 47,238 (h-index=5).
Guidelines For Algorithms
Guidelines for the development, evaluation, and implementation of AI-based prediction models in healthcare

Unlocking the potential of AI in healthcare, Cardiomatics adheres to stringent quality standards and regulations, ensuring patient privacy and data security. Through meticulous data preparation and continuous model assessment, we pioneer the development and implementation of AI-based prediction models in cardiology. Join us in revolutionizing healthcare and explore career opportunities with our dynamic team!

Cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) – why is it so important?

Cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) holds promise for heart failure patients, but not all respond equally. Collaborating with the Medical University of Warsaw, we developed an AI algorithm to detect ineffective CRT pacing, potentially improving patient care. Our study involving 541 patients showed high sensitivity and precision in identifying effective CRT stimulation. Published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Development and Disease, our findings offer promising implications for optimizing CRT settings and enhancing patient outcomes.