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I'm a Proffesor at the 1st Department of Cardiology, Medical University of Warsaw. Graduated from Medicne (MD), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Business and Marketing in Medicine (BA). I'm mostyly interested in Cardiac Electrophysiology, mHealth and telemedicine. A founder and board member of Heart Team LLC, Board member of the Committee of Informatics and Telemedicine of the Polish Society of Cardiology, Founder of the Polish Working Group of Telemedicine, consultant and reviewer for European Commision on HORIZON 2020 projects.
Studies suggest a link between COVID-19 and cardiac arrhythmias. How can hospitals better monitor their patients?

COVID-19 can lead to cardiac complications, including arrhythmias, especially in patients with pre-existing cardiovascular conditions. Studies show a significant association between COVID-19 infection and arrhythmias, emphasizing the need for regular cardiac monitoring. Cardiomatics offers an AI-powered solution for automatic ECG analysis, providing rapid and accurate detection of arrhythmias without the need for extensive resources, making it invaluable for healthcare facilities dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.

How Heart Rate Variability Can Be Used to Improve Your Life

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) measures heart rhythm irregularities, reflecting the balance between the body’s nervous system branches. It offers insights into overall health, fitness, and stress levels, aiding in optimizing performance and preventing strokes. While individual HRV values vary, tracking changes can inform lifestyle adjustments. Professional guidance is advisable for interpreting HRV data accurately.