Cardiomatics Reward Program

Share Cardiomatics with a fellow ECG enthusiast. Your connection will get 1 month of Cardiomatics Pro for free. We will donate 500 EUR in your name to World Heart Federation. The offer is valid till February 29th, 2023.

Like Cardiomatics? Share it with your fellow cardiologist who might be interested.

Refer a fellow ECG enthusiast

How does it work:

1. You fill out the form below, adding your name and email.
2. We send an email to your fellow AI admirer, they fill out a short form, so we can create a 10 signals trial account for him.
3. Your connection tests the possibilities of Cardiomatics, likes it, and decides to use it in daily work.
4. They sign a contract for a minimum 12-month subscription.
5. We send you a confirmation of the reward.

Terms & Conditions:

Both referred and referring are entitled to receive the gratification when the following T&C are met.

  • A minimum of 12-month subscription is required to be signed by referred.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.