Cardiomatics partners with BIOTRONIK in Germany to expand market access of its advanced AI-powered ECG analysis solution
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Cardiomatics is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with BIOTRONIK, a leading global medical technology company specialising in heart and blood vessel diseases as well as chronic pain. This collaboration will make Cardiomatics’ advanced AI-powered ECG analysis solutions more broadly available in Germany, leveraging BIOTRONIK’s established presence and expertise in the field.

Bridging Technology and Healthcare

The partnership will see BIOTRONIK’s sales organization in Germany distribute Cardiomatics’ innovative AI-powered ECG analysis software alongside BIOTRONIK’s net_ECG advanced ECG-Patch Holter Monitor. This powerful combination is set to drive the adoption of AI in early detection and management for individuals who may be at risk of a cardiac event.

“I am excited about the potential of AI to help early detection of cardiac rhythm abnormalities. The partnership between Cardiomatics and BIOTRONIK is a promising step towards integrating this cutting-edge technology with patient care to improve outcomes for those at risk of cardiac events” – says Prof. Dr. David Duncker, Head of Hannover Heart Rhythm Center, Department of Cardiology and Angiology, Hannover Medical School, Hannover, Germany

Leveraging the strengths of both companies

Rafał Samborski, CEO of Cardiomatics and Oliver Rehermann, Director of Marketing, e-Health & Connected Cardiac Care at BIOTRONIK Germany, highlight the synergy between the two companies.

“BIOTRONIK is one of the leading companies in the cardiac rhythm management devices market. Their commitment to saving lives and improving patients’ quality of life aligns perfectly with Cardiomatics’ mission to make cardiac diagnostics more accurate, fast, and easy.” – says Rafał Samborski.

“By combining Cardiomatics´ cutting-edge AI-powered ECG analysis solution with our net_ECG advanced ECG-Patch Holter Monitor, we aim to revolutionize the early detection and management of cardiac events. This collaboration supports our commitment to providing innovative solutions that enhance patient care and outcomes in cardiovascular health” – says Oliver Rehermann

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