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There is no product without customers

What makes a product a perfect fit for its audience and a company a successful player in the market? That’s a key question being asked in most companies, especially those operating in a fast-paced IT startup environment. 

There are different ways to achieve success:

  • the range of product functionalities/services;
  • the quality and accuracy of the product;
  • gathering and implementing users’ needs. 

Finding the best way is not easy as there is no perfect approach that works for everyone. One thing is certain, though: there is no product without customers. We know this well at Cardiomatics as responding to our customers’ opinions is our top priority. The feedback we receive from the cardiology market is precious to us and helps us shape the product development path. Thus, we decided to implement one of the features that was highly requested by our customers. Are you curious about what it is?

Introducing the ECG signal viewer 

A new component in the Cardiomatics platform, the ECG viewer, is our response to our users’ needs and expectations. 

Simpler workflow 

It’s a change that will make a real difference to their work on a daily basis. It simplifies workflow by cutting out one extra activity—opening ECG signals in external, 3rd party software. This saves time and effort and might often be more cost-effective. 

With the ECG viewer, a cardiologist can access a raw signal within the Cardiomatics web panel just by clicking the ‘’Open ECG viewer’’  button in the Report view. To make the interface even more user-friendly, we have added the possibility of switching to the raw signal within the report summary from two different places.

Response to market demand

This is a highly important enhancement for Cardiomatics users, as 46.2% of our respondents wanted to see a raw ECG signal with every single report and 53.8% told us they need to verify the signal for one in every 10 reports. Access to the raw ECG signal in the Cardiomatics platform was assessed as critical for 23.1% of users surveyed, as a very useful add-on for 61.5%, and as a useful solution for the rest.

There are IT tools in the cardiology market for raw ECG signal disclosure and for automatic analysis but there are very few 2-in-1 platforms. Since it is neither optimal nor cost-effective for any clinic to use two different pieces of software where one will do, we are sure our latest feature will meet medical workers’ needs. 

If you want to learn more about the Cardiomatics platform and try out this AI-based solution in your clinic, request a free trial.

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