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Health IT + medtech innovation journalist and communication consultant, working internationally out of Berlin/Germany.
7-day ECG monitoring provides major benefits and is low on resource use

Cardiac complications frequently follow acute stroke. These complications include new-onset arrhythmias, which are also common in stroke patients who have not experienced heart disease before. For post-stroke patients, arrhythmias represent a key risk factor for complications and a worse prognosis. A recent study published in Nature / Scientific Reports aimed to detect the rate of […]

Enabling medical professionals to work from home
medical workers in home office

This is how to make devices and software location-independent.  During the pandemic, many medical workers have been working from home in order to protect themselves and others from infection. Unfortunately, this approach brought with it one major challenge – in most situations, devices and software are located and hosted in hospitals and clinics, not in […]

Data overload in cardiology
Data overload in cardiology

The pandemic has highlighted the challenge of data overload in cardiology: after just ten months, 87,000 scientific publications have addressed Corona and COVID-19. Monitors from “Retraction Watch” identified hundreds of articles that were retracted, including some from leading journals. In addition, beyond the pandemic, physicians from all disciplines find it challenging to keep up to […]

When cardiologists get busy, automation is welcome

Artificial intelligence helps to reduce the burden on scarce resources Cardiology is confronted with a major challenge: with roughly 17.9 million fatalities each year, cardiovascular diseases are a major cause of death worldwide. Acute conditions such as myocardial infarction and stroke tie up a huge number of medical specialists; increased life expectancy is bringing about […]

Why should healthcare switch to cloud AI services?

Cloud Computing is a major trend in the context of IT. This technology comes with major advantages that have helped its penetration in various sectors of the economy. In healthcare too cloud technology is on the advance. The COVID-19 crisis with positive examples of its application has added thrust. Germany, with its legacy of reluctance to embrace the cloud due to data privacy considerations, is also witnessing significant progress.

AI and AF: Seven Key Things for You to Know

Artificial intelligence (AI) can make detection of atrial fibrillation (AF) faster, easier, and less costly  Artificial intelligence reduces the routine work burden on physicians. In cardiology, the startup Cardiomatics analyzes data from Holter ECGs and provides physicians with analyses based on algorithms derived from scientific evidence.  AF is one of the contexts for this automated […]

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