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7-day ECG monitoring provides major benefits and is low on resource use

Recent research underscores the importance of 7-day ECG monitoring for post-stroke patients to detect crucial arrhythmias and guide treatment. Dr. Ulrich Ingold from Interlaken Hospital praises its effectiveness in identifying atrial fibrillation (AF) and aiding treatment decisions. Utilizing Cardiomatics software streamlines analysis, reducing resource use and enhancing patient care. This innovative solution has garnered praise from medical professionals for its reliability and efficiency. Join the many GPs and cardiologists benefiting from Cardiomatics to enhance ECG analysis.

medical workers in home office
Enabling medical professionals to work from home

During the pandemic, many medical professionals shifted to remote work, facing challenges accessing necessary tools located in hospitals and clinics. Recognizing this need, organizations like the AMA and AHA praised telemedicine as a powerful solution. Cloud-based technologies and telehealth services support remote work for physicians, facilitating tasks like patient monitoring.
Remote healthcare extends to patients as well, with telemedicine enabling remote diagnosis and monitoring. Cardiomatics offers a solution for cardiology, allowing doctors to analyze ECGs anytime, anywhere, with precision and efficiency.
With solutions like Cardiomatics, both healthcare workers and patients can access quality care remotely.

Data overload in cardiology
Data overload in cardiology

In the rapidly evolving field of cardiology, managing the influx of scientific literature and patient data is a growing challenge. Technology, including AI, offers solutions to sift through vast amounts of data, aiding clinicians in diagnosis and therapy decisions. Cardiomatics provides automated ECG analysis, leveraging millions of clinical cases to deliver precise insights quickly, ultimately saving clinicians valuable time and improving patient care. Explore how Cardiomatics technology is revolutionizing cardiac care in the age of AI.

When cardiologists get busy, automation is welcome

Cardiomatics’ AI solution transforms cardiology by automating long-term ECG analysis, notably for detecting atrial fibrillation. It accelerates diagnostics, boosts precision, and conserves staff resources, revolutionizing patient care and empowering individuals in managing their cardiovascular health. This advancement marks a significant leap forward in cardiac diagnostics and therapy.

Why should healthcare switch to cloud AI services?

Cloud Computing is a major trend in the context of IT. This technology comes with major advantages that have helped its penetration in various sectors of the economy. In healthcare too cloud technology is on the advance. The COVID-19 crisis with positive examples of its application has added thrust. Germany, with its legacy of reluctance to embrace the cloud due to data privacy considerations, is also witnessing significant progress.

AI and AF: Seven Key Things for You to Know

AI, such as Cardiomatics, enhances AF detection through swift and precise analysis of Holter ECGs, freeing up time for cardiologists to focus on patient care. By leveraging extensive datasets, these solutions advance understanding of cardiac conditions and support the development of better treatments and prevention methods. Cardiomatics welcomes collaboration to continually improve AI’s impact in healthcare.